Fort Carson MWR Marketing Requests

The marketing team is here to help you make your products and services a success. Providing us with full details and the maximum amount of time to promote will help us meet your needs. Please note that these requests are not guaranteed to move forward solely based on what is provided in the request. You will receive communication from the marketing team for any clarification or additional needs.

How would you like to be addressed? Your email will automatically be captured.

For any new employees please provide your association for reference.

What is the title of this project? How are you planning to refer to your project?

Please provide a description of what the project is, what it will be used for, and anything else you feel is needed information.

If this project is an event or program covering multiple dates, please provide the start date as the "Event Date" and "Event Time" and all other specifics in the details box. Thanks!

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