Fort Carson Home Based Business Application

Please complete this form and submit for review. The Fort Carson Garrison requires 60-days from the date of application submission to review and either approve or disapprove the application. You will be informed via email as to the decision. Thank you for your application submission.

The following rules are written to ensure that a Home Based Business (HBB) does not negatively affect the safety, community tranquility, or the good order and discipline of an Army installation.

The business owner acknowledges that the following conditions must be met:

1.) Proper business license (if required) to operate in the State of Colorado.

2.) Colorado standards for operational compliance with applicable laws, codes, regulations and requirements are met.

3.) (FCC) provider system: Army policy requires that anyone providing child care on a regular basis for more than 10 hours per week, must be certified through Child and Youth Services as a FCC provider.

4.) Provide documentation that states the HBB meets all applicable food safety and sanitation conditions (if applicable).

5.) Parts or materials related to the HBB shall be screened from public view and will be limited to the interior of the structure.

6.) Signage is limited to what can be displayed in a single window from the inside and may not be illuminated.

Tell us when you would like to begin operating your business on Fort Carson.

Please enter the name of your Home Based Business

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This is the address of your home on Fort Carson.

A follow-up will take place if approval was revoked to take into consideration circumstances.

If you are unsure of business licensing requirements in the State of Colorado, please visit:
* If a permit or license is required upload below. Proof of license or permit will need to be provided prior to consideration.

If you answered "YES" to the previous question, please attach documentation here.

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