i2X Technical Assistance Opportunity

Complete this form to apply for technical assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy's Interconnection Innovation e-Xchange (i2X) program through its national lab partners: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Visit: www.energy.gov/i2x
for more information.

This technical assistance supports U.S. based organizations in improving interconnection practices and processes for electricity distribution systems and the transmission system. The technical assistance must be specific to the interconnection of solar, wind, storage, or electric vehicle charging facilities or hybrid integration of these technologies.

More details about this opportunity including eligibility, topics of interest, evaluation criteria, and selection are available at www.energy.gov/eere/i2x/i2x-technical-assistance

Complete and submit before 4:00 pm ET on 03/22/2023. If unable to submit using this form, please email i2x@ee.doe.gov

Organization applying to receive technical assistance.

The organization's main office street address

The organization's website URL

Provide name and title of the main point of contact at the applying organization.

Email address of the main point of contact

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Provide name, title, and email address for a secondary point of contact for this application.

Please answer all of the following nine questions in a Word document then upload using a *.docx, *.doc, *.pdf, or *.rtf file format only. Please restate each question in the Word document. Submissions using other file formats and submissions with incomplete answers will be disqualified.

Answers should be self-contained and should not rely on referencing other content available online to provide the details. The i2X team will not use details incorporated by reference to other online content when reviewing and evaluating the application.

Questions to answer:

Q1. What is the interconnection-related issue your organization is experiencing?
Answer: (Max. 300 words)

Q2. What challenges have you identified that the technical assistance can help address to support your organization’s efforts in a six-to-nine-month timeframe?
Answer: (Max. 300 words)

Q3. How significant are these challenges for your organization and other organizations which are experiencing the same or similar challenges? Are you collaborating with these organizations or are they willing to join as a group to receive joint technical assistance? Answer: (Max. 300 words)

Q4. What organizations are supporting your efforts (if any) and what roles do they play?
Answer: (Max. 100 words)

Q5. What type(s) of desired activities or outputs does your organization expect as a result of the technical assistance?
Answer: (Max. 100 words)

Q6. What would success look like for this project and what impact outcomes are expected by the end of 2024?
Answer: (Max. 100 words)

Q7. How can completed activities or outputs of the proposed technical assistance be applied, replicated, or adapted to benefit more organizations or enable solutions at regional or national levels?
Answer: (Max. 100 words)

Q8. When do you hope to begin and complete the proposed technical assistance project? What risks might delay effective starting or completion dates of the work?
Answer: (Max. 25 words)

Q9. What resources (e.g., staff time, datasets) will your organization or partnering organizations provide to help complete this technical assistance? (Needed to estimate required national lab level of effort)
Answer: (Max. 100 words)

Please upload one file with answers to questions 1 through 9 without exceeding word count limits. An answer exceeding the word count limit will be redacted.

Acceptable file formats are: *.docx, *.doc, *.pdf, and *.rtf. Submissions using other file formats will be disqualified.

Provide web links for additional supporting documents which are publicly available online. (Max. 3 URLs)

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