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This intake form is for projects and problem sets that can be accomplished in an unclassified environment.

Please note: Our system is only able to handle information up to CUI.

Please include your base, department, division and/or directorate

NAVSEA, NSWC Crane, Expeditionary Dept
SOCOM, 7th Special Forces Group, Duke Field, Eglin AFB
AFRL, 711th Human Performance Wing, Airman Biosciences Division

Rank, First Name and Last Name

If there will be a second contact please include their name and rank here as well.

If there will be a second contact please include their email address here as well.

If there will be a second contact please include their phone number here as well.

This is the person who will be working with the team over the course of the program and meeting with them regularly.

Please give their first and last name.

If different from above.

City, State

Ex: Denver, CO or Washington, DC

Please explain the problem you are looking for help with and some initial context to help us better understand your request. This is a starting point and does not need to be perfect! We will work with you to further scope and define the problem.

A good problem statement includes the beneficiary, pain point, and desired outcome (e.g.: The Combat Service Support Team needs a readily available way to refuel while diminishing our reliance on petroleum-based products to improve energy efficiency and avoid creating petroleum-based heat and auditory signatures.)

Approximately: 100 - 150 words

If you have a solution in mind please describe it here, if not please mark N/A.

This is a space to include any links, or other information that would be helpful for us to understand your problem.

Please include any attachments that would help us better understand your problem here.

Our system is only able to handle information up to CUI.

This is to help us categorize the type of solution you are looking for so we can connect you with the most useful program.

Please select all that apply.

If you have one or more program(s) in mind please feel free to select them below, however if you do not we will help you find the right program.

Bootcamp - A three-day solution generating event, where participants learn the principles of Human-Centered Design in order to solve their unit's own predetermined problem.

Capstone - Problems with a solution in mind are worked by students in the capstone/senior design class for their major, this can be one or two semesters.

Challenges - A scalable prize competition that brings together early-mid stage ventures, DoD customers, and subject matter experts, resulting in an award and justification for potential post-program activities.

Hacking for Defense (H4D) - One semester university course focused on root cause analysis of problems.

X-Force - Interns work on your problem for 10 weeks over the summer, must have a solution in mind.

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